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    1. How Lung Cancer Affects Your Oral Health

      Did you know that lung cancer and its treatment can change your gums, teeth, and other parts of your mouth?

    2. Your Treatment Options

      From surgery to chemotherapy, you have many choices to treat prostate cancer. It all depends on your health, age, and how serious your cancer is.

    3. What’s Next After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

      Finding out you have breast cancer is huge news. Here's what you can do to help you deal with your diagnosis and plan for what's ahead.

    4. Cancer Treatment: What Are the Options?

      Learning about the different treatment options can help ease your worries.

    5. Diagnosed With Melanoma? What You Can Do Next

      After you learn you have melanoma, here’s how you can deal with your diagnosis and plan for what’s ahead.

    6. Chemotherapy: How It Works and How You'll Feel

      Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. Unlike radiation or surgery, which target specific areas, chemotherapy can work throughout your body.

    7. Breast Cancer and MRI

      WebMD looks at the use of MRI scans for detecting breast cancer.

    8. Breast Cancer and Preventive Mastectomy

      WebMD explains the risks and benefits of preventive mastectomy -- the removal of one or both breasts to avoid developing breast cancer.

    9. Breast Cancer and the Normal Breast

      A look at the anatomy of a normal breast.

    10. Breast Cancer: Tips for Family

      WebMD offers tips for family members of someone diagnosed with breast cancer.

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