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    1. Children's Fractures: Treatment Options


    2. Treatment of Asthma

      WebMD provides a comprehensive look at asthma treatment for children.

    3. Polio Vaccine (IPV)

      WebMD explains why the polio vaccine (IPV) is important, who should get it and when, and possible risks and side effects.

    4. Tips to Prevent Poisoning in the Home

      WebMD gives advice on keeping household poisons out of reach, and what to do in case of exposure to poisons.

    5. How to Help a Stuttering Child

      Childhood stammering is not uncommon. Learn more from WebMD about helping a child with this speech disorder.

    6. Helping Children with Dyslexia

      Dyslexia is a common learning disability that is unrelated to a person's intelligence. Learn more from WebMD about what to do if you suspect your child is dyslexic.

    7. Pool & Spa Hazards for Children

      WebMD tells you how to keep children and adults alike safe from pool and spa hazards.

    8. Rotavirus (RV) Vaccine

      Learn more from WebMD about the rotavirus vaccine, which greatly reduces sickness with the rotavirus, especially in children.

    9. Treatments for Dyslexia

      Could your child have dyslexia? Learn more from WebMD about this learning disorder.

    10. When Your Baby Has a Cold

      Babies and toddlers catch a lot of colds. Find out how to make your little one feel better, and when to call the doctor.

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