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Soothing Remedies for Sick Kids

How to Give Kids Medicine

Keep sick kids safe. Give medicine the right way. These tips show you how.

Kid-Sized Home Remedies

From earaches, to fevers, to flu: How to soothe sick kids at home.

Sick Kids: Making Wise Treatment Decisions

Tips to Control Contagious Infections
Caring for a sick child at home? Here's how to stop the spread of catchy infections -- while staying well yourself.
Kids, Colds & Flu: From Prevention to Treatment
Sniffles, sneezes, colds, and fevers. Which cold and flu treatments can help your kids get better -- and which are no help at all?
Is Your Child Too Sick to Go to School?
A fever ... runny nose ... earache. When should you keep your sick child home from school? These expert tips help you decide.

4 Common Conditions That Make Kids Sick

Coughs and Kids: Calming Your Child With Care at Home
How -- and when -- should you treat a cough in your child? When should you call the doctor? Get 10 tips for medical treatment of a cough.
Diarrhea: Medications That Help, Drugs to Avoid
Diarrhea usually lasts two to three days. But watch carefully, because it can lead to dehydration. Here’s what parents should do.
Earaches (Otitis Media): What Causes the Pain?
Is it a simple earache, or is it otitis media? What can you do to ease your child’s pain? Follow these diagnosis and treatment tips.
Sore Throat: 10 at-Home Remedies
Most sore throats in sick kids don’t need medicine. Save the antibiotics for strep throat. Here are 10 at-home remedies for sore throats.
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