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    Need flu treatment? Learn more about flu treatments and ways to care for your flu symptoms at home. Also, discover what to do if you get the flu and have a chronic medical condition such as asthma, heart disease, or diabetes.


    Need some flu treatments to keep on hand this winter? While there’s no flu cure, there are effective treatments to ease your flu symptoms. Find out which flu treatments are effective and safe.

    Can antiviral medicines wipe out the flu? Learn the latest about antivirals as flu treatment. Also, get tips on ways to ease flu symptoms at home.

    Before you ask your doctor for an antibiotic, read this article. Learn more about how antibiotics work — and when they don’t work.

    Infants, the elderly, and people with certain diseases or weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable. But a flu emergency can happen to anyone. Since the flu can be dangerous, it's important to know the signs of trouble.

    Special Situations

    Catching the flu during pregnancy rarely causes birth defects. But pregnancy can increase your risk for flu complications. Learn how to manage flu symptoms during pregnancy and when to call the doctor.

    Older adults have a higher risk of flu complications. Get the facts about flu prevention and treatment of symptoms.

    If you have asthma and get the flu, you may face a serious breathing challenge. Check out our flu action plan for those with asthma so you can breathe right.

    Getting the flu when you have heart disease can quickly turn into a serious health crisis. Learn more about heart disease and flu so you’ll know when to contact your doctor for effective medical treatment.

    If you have diabetes and get the flu, it can be more difficult to keep your blood glucose levels balanced. Learn steps to take if you get the flu, including flu treatments to avoid with diabetes.

    With HIV or AIDS, you are more susceptible to flu and flu complications such as pneumonia. Discover why it’s hard to fight viral infections with HIV/AIDS, and learn some steps you can take to stay well.

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