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Your Eyes and Cornea Problems

What Conditions Can Damage the Cornea? continued...

Lattice Dystrophy

Lattice dystrophy is characterized by the presence of abnormal protein fibers throughout the stroma. Although this condition can occur at any age, early changes can be seen in childhood.

Lattice dystrophy gets its name from the clear overlapping lines of proteins in the stroma. This can make the cornea cloudy and reduce vision. In some people, these proteins may cause epithelial erosion.

Treatment of lattice dystrophy includes:

    • Prescription eye drops
    • Ointments
    • Eye patching
    • Corneal transplant

Symptoms may disappear with treatment, but a corneal transplant may be required. Although results of this surgery are very good, lattice dystrophy may reappear in transplant patients.

How Are Cornea Problems Diagnosed?

Cornea problems can only be diagnosed after a thorough exam by an eye doctor.

Can Cornea Problems Be Prevented?

Infectious corneal disease caused from bacteria and viruses can be prevented by protecting the eye from injury and limiting physical contact with people who have contagious forms of conjunctivitis. Avoid sharing eye makeup, contact lens solution, contact lens cases, and eye drops with people who are infected, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds after contact with an infected person. Also, following strict guidelines for contact lens hygiene can help decrease the risk of corneal infections related to contact lens use.

Although corneal disease resulting from hereditary factors (like dystrophies) cannot be prevented, vision can be preserved with early detection and treatment.

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