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How can someone who doesn't like to exercise learn to like, or at least tolerate, it?

It's important to regain a sense of playing in our lives, and exercise is often a great way to do that.  

If you start with something you love, or at least something you've always wanted to try, you're much more likely to come back for more.  

Finding a Latin dance class that really gets you into the groove, discovering a new hiking trail with some friends --  any way you can find to connect your passion to movement.

What's the best kind of exercise to do for weight loss?

We can't underestimate the power of strength training.  

Starting around age 30, we experience what I call "The Great Decline," as we begin to lose muscle mass at an ever-increasing rate.  Not only does this affect our bone density and risk for chronic diseases, but it becomes more difficult to maintain our shape, tone, and vitality.  

Too many people, especially women concerned with weight loss, associate muscle mass with bulk.  

The more lean muscle we have on our bodies, the greater number of calories we burn per day -- many of them when we're sitting still and even sleeping.  

If you're not ready to start bench pressing and hitting the squat rack at the gym, any type of resistance training is still effective.  I love resistance tubes because they're adjustable, versatile, and so lightweight that you can bring them with you virtually everywhere.  

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