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If You Have No Time

If getting to the gym seems impossible, just do your workouts at work.

"Try working out at your desk. Do dips on your chair. Drop down and do some pushups off the edge of your desk. Get some resistance bands and do bicep curls and tricep extensions," says certified personal trainer Lisa De Los Santos.

If you can get to the gym, do a circuit training routine by moving from machine to machine without rest. The key is to keep moving and keep your heart rate as high as possible. If you prefer free weights, just double up on your moves, adding short bursts of cardio -- like jumping on and off a weight bench -- in between each.

"Try combination moves, such as a squat and bicep curl as one exercise," Bryant says. "You're getting your biceps, shoulders, and lower body involved in one movement. And rather than eight to 12 exercises, you can do it in three to four."

Another suggestion is a combination push-up with an alternating lateral row. This will simultaneously work your chest, triceps, and shoulders along with the lats and biceps. "You'll also work on those important core stabilizers to maintain proper body position," Bryant says. "It's the entire upper body."

Start with one pushup. Then remain in the top position while grabbing a free weight with your right arm. Flex it, then pull backward, keeping your arm close to your chest. Move to your left arm. Repeat.

If You're on a Tight Budget

You don't need a gym membership to exercise. "With some free resistance, called gravity, bodyweight exercises can be easily performed at home, parks, or the beach," Lucett says. "It's a very affordable, flexible, and enjoyable way to get your exercise."

Try squats, lunges, pushups with different hand positions, walking lunges with torso rotations, long jumps, bridges with knee extensions, and bear crawls, which are done by walking on all fours.

Want to create your own home gym? De Los Santos says it isn't expensive and that you only need a few resistance bands, some dumbbells, and a stability ball to create unlimited workouts. No idea what to do with all that equipment? Hit the Internet or DVDs for videos.

And don't forget local recreation centers, which offer a variety of inexpensive activities options, usually at a fraction of the price of private clubs. For example, many recreation centers offer low-cost tennis lessons, which can be a pricey activity elsewhere.

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