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4. You Chose the Wrong Workout

Sports psychologist Michelle Cleere, PhD, remembers working with a woman who really disliked exercise: “She told me, ‘I hate the treadmill and I hate lifting weights.’”

The woman tried to force herself to do these activities because she figured it was what you were supposed to do -- that is, until Cleere encouraged her to rethink her approach.

“I asked her to remember the last time she had fun exercising, and she said Rollerblading.”

Within a week, the woman ditched the treadmill in favor of something she liked better.

The fix: If you're stumped, think of trying something you've always wanted to do but never had the chance to do, or something you enjoyed in the past.

“Biking, shooting some baskets, dancing. These are the things we used to be passionate about doing but somewhere along the line just forgot,” Cleere says.

5. You’re in Pain

A bad back, sore knee, or arthritis can make getting fit a challenge. But if you've got a chronic condition, you probably need exercise even more.

The fix: “Ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy,” Weil says. “I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t take this simple step. It can help so much, and it’s often covered by insurance.” The physical therapist will teach you safe ways to get fitter and stronger.

6. You Think It Costs Too Much

It’s true that you can shell out a lot of cash on fitness. Sure, personal trainers, designer gear, and Pilates classes can add up.

The fix: Skip the expensive activities and stick to your budget. You probably already own a pair of walking shoes, and taking a brisk -- and free! -- walk around your neighborhood buys you most of the benefits of exercise. For instance, "research shows that walking 30 minutes a day cuts your risk of diabetes by 58%," Weil says.

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