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4. You’ve barely broken a sweat.

If you didn’t sweat a drop during your entire workout, even if you were exercising in the cold, then your workout was too easy.

“Although some people sweat more than others, you should have some visible sweat, which indicates you’ve worked hard,” says Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer.

The solution: Push yourself into the sweat zone. Don't work so hard that you risk injury, but pick up the pace or intensity so that your sweat-wicking clothes have something to wick.

5. You don’t feel like you’ve done anything.

Be honest with yourself. It’s OK to modify for your skill level or scale back when something feels too difficult, but you don’t want to completely let yourself off the hook.

Taking it easy can backfire. After a too-easy workout, "you might walk away feeling disappointed and less motivated," Itsines says.

The solution: You’ll know you’re exercising at the correct intensity if your workouts feel challenging, but not so hard that you can’t complete them. By the end, you should be feeling good.

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