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The Shake Weight is affordable. The exercises can be easily performed. You can carry the device almost anywhere. The exercise plan offers a quick workout. The company claims that there is a 100% money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. The weight is very light, so almost anyone can perform the exercises.


For a muscle to be fully stimulated, resistance must be applied through a full range of motion. The Shake Weight does not deliver this and will not result in the same muscular activity as traditional dumbbell exercise, despite what the company claims.

Also, you cannot add additional weight to the device and it offers limited exercises. A muscle improves when it is continually challenged with increased resistance and targeted with a variety of exercises. Therefore, very little (if any) results should be expected with the Shake Weight.

The company claims that the Shake Weight for women will result in lean muscle, which implies fat loss, while it claims that men will experience an increase in muscle mass. However, the workout program of only 6 minutes is not enough exercise to actually burn a significant amount of fat, nor is there enough weight to increase muscle mass.

In addition, the Dynamic Inertia concept may sound unique and complex, but it is neither. “Dynamic” and “inertia” are two terms used to describe movement. Based on this concept, all forms of resistance training involve dynamic inertia.

As a matter of fact, you will get a greater amount of movement with traditional weight training, in which you can target your muscles through a full range of motion. The shaking motion of the device is unnatural and may cause muscle spasms that could lead to injury.

The company also claims that the Shake Weight has been validated by a well-documented scientific study from a prestigious university. However, the actual study is not published in any peer-reviewed scientific journal. A reference to the study cannot be found on the Shake Weight web site, in any advertisement, or with the product package. An attempt to search for the specific study online also yielded no results.

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