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One reason high-intensity, short-burst workouts are effective is that you're pushing your muscles to the point of temporary fatigue.

"It's all about progressive overload -- stepping up the intensity while cutting down the time, so your muscles are pushed to the point where you feel you have to stop," says Tyne.

That doesn't mean you'll be heading back to work sore, tired, and achy, experts say. The key is to start slowly and build intensity gradually.

"The [muscle] recovery period is different for every person and fitness level at the start," says Tyne. "So if you haven't been exercising, you'll want to start by doing some light activity and working up to the point where you're pushing your muscles to fatigue."

And not only should your workout session not leave you drained, it should help energize you for the rest of the workday.

"Anything that gets the blood flowing into your muscles and increases your oxygen level -- which movement does -- is going to make you feel much more alert, more awake, and better able to handle your workload," Valency says. "I've seen it do wonders for that typical afternoon work slump that many people experience."

Because a lunchtime workout is shorter in duration, experts say you're not likely to work up too much of a sweat. But if you do, a quick sponge bath, some deodorant, and a dousing of body powder may be all you need to get back to work looking as refreshed as you feel.

"You're not coming out of these short workouts soaking wet, so it's pretty easy to towel off and splash some cold water here and there and you're good to go," says Valency.

In-Office Fitness

If there's a gym at or near your workplace, that's probably your best bet for a lunchtime workout, since many have programs tailored to get you in and out quickly.

But what if the nearest gym is a 45-minute drive, or costs more than you can afford to spend on lunch? And supposing a rainstorm or heat wave precludes an outdoor walk or bike ride?

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