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    3. Skip the bread.

    A sandwich minus the bagel, roll, or tortilla wrap can still be delicious and satisfying. It’s also a healthy way for you to cut down on your carb intake.

    A favorite go-to treat that doesn’t have bread: meat roll-ups. Try these two recipes:

    • Cucumber and turkey. Layer one slice of organic turkey on long slices of cucumber. Roll, and then dip in your favorite vinaigrette. (You can also try using a leaf of lettuce as the “bread” for your wrap.)
    • Roast beef, pepper, and cheese. Top one slice of organic roast beef with one piece of roasted pepper and one piece of cheese. Drizzle with a light mixture of vinegar and oil. Add basil leaf and black pepper for extra flavor. Roll.

    4. Spice up leftovers.

    Let last night’s dinner, which Newgent calls “vintage cuisine,” make an encore appearance with a little bit of effort. Here are some ideas:

    • Leftover stir-fry: Make an Asian-inspired salad. Dice up the chicken and broccoli, and toss with mixed leafy greens, thinly sliced red bell pepper, and ginger vinaigrette.
    • Extra burgers: Transform them into Greek pita pockets. Cut burgers (poultry, meat, or vegetable) into bite-size pieces. Season with a pinch of cumin, then stuff into whole-grain pita halves, along with lettuce, tomato, onion, a bit of pickled cabbage (or pickles), and tzatziki sauce.

    5. Think outside the (lunch) box.

    There’s no rule that says lunch must consist of “lunch food.” Enjoy a wedge of vegetable frittata, or stir up a bowl of savory oatmeal (with asparagus and dill, or ham and rosemary).

    “The key for any good meal is making sure what’s on your plate is nutritionally rich, balanced, and hopefully really tasty,” Newgent says.

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