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    I have been buying the higher omega-3 eggs for a couple of years now, and that white carton sits proudly on one of the shelves alongside the carton of Egg Beaters. Then there's that tub of Fat Free Cool Whip that I bought the other day because it was on sale and the market was out of Light Cool Whip (it tastes better than I thought).

    For hectic weeknights, I always have a container of cheese tortellini and my favorite commercial pesto sauce (Armanino) on standby. Yes, I make my own pesto, but this one is for those nights when homemade just isn't going to happen.

    In the refrigerator door there is an assortment of mineral water flavors (our beverage du jour), along with orange juice (not from concentrate), and 2-liter bottles of diet grapefruit soda and diet Pepsi (caffeine-free). We like to mix the orange juice with the diet grapefruit soda for a nice change.

    Nestled with the soda is a sea of 12-ounce bottles of water. I'm constantly grabbing them when we're flying out the door to the dance studio (both of my daughters are on a competitive dance team).

    There are other refrigerator-door staples I should mention, like the no-trans-fat margarine (like Take Control) and whipped butter. That's right folks; there is butter in the Magee house. I mostly use canola or olive oil in my cooking, and sometimes turn to less-fat margarine if need be. But there are those times when butter must be used to pull off a recipe. In those cases, I use whipped butter, which has less fat per tablespoon, and I use less of it, too. I love a slice of whole-wheat toast with a little less-sugar jam, so you can find at least two flavors in my fridge.

    Before we venture off to the Northern territory, also known as my freezer, you might be asking, "where's the beef?" The Magees eat chicken every week (skinless, of course), and pork occasionally (only the lean cuts like pork tenderloin), and beef once or twice a week (only extra-lean cuts and ground sirloin need apply). But I'm picky about my meat, and I tend to go to a nearby butcher on the day that I will be cooking it. So on this particular day, there is a bag of freshly caught halibut literally staring at me (thanks to my husband's fishing buddy) ready to be grilled or smoked by my BBQ-savvy hubby.

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