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    5 Golden Rules for Busy Breakfasts continued...

    Fruits not only provide fiber but also important vitamins and minerals. Try one of these as you're rushing out the door.

    4 prunes = 3.1 grams fiber
    1 cup orange segments = 3.4 grams fiber
    1 cup applesauce, unsweetened = 3 grams fiber
    1 cup sliced peaches = 3.1 grams fiber
    1 cup banana slices = 3.1 grams fiber
    1 large apple = 4.2 grams fiber
    1 pear = 4 grams fiber
    1 cup berries = 5 grams fiber
    1 1/4 cups sliced strawberries = 3.1 grams fiber

    3. Aim for 5 Grams of Protein

    Protein helps fill you up and staves off hunger longer. You can find protein in plenty of fast-breakfast products: Cereals, breakfast bars, and instant shakes. Just check the label to make sure it contains enough protein and not too much sugar. You can easily add 5 grams of protein to your homemade breakfast. Just add 1/4 cup of pasteurized egg substitute to the blender when you make a smoothie. Or pour 1/2 cup of low-fat milk into your cereal. Use whole milk in cereal for children under age 2.

    4. Avoid High-Sugar and High-Fat Choices

    From toaster pastries to frozen entrees, many breakfast products marketed to busy parents are loaded with sugar or fat -- and sometimes both! Check the food labels carefully before you buy. Look at the grams of fat and grams of sugar per serving. If it's loaded with sugar and fat, it's not really breakfast. It's junk food. You can do better.

    Even super-moms buy convenient breakfast products for their families sometimes. Often it's the only way to juggle the morning. So find products you like, keeping these four goals in mind: high fiber, a little protein, low sugar, and low fat. Then buy a boxful and keep them handy at home and at work for those extra busy mornings.

    5. Microwave It

    On leisurely weekend mornings, have fun making some whole-wheat waffles, blueberry pancakes, muffins, or French toast. Freeze them in plastic bags. Then just pop a serving into the microwave on weekday mornings.

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