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Reading the Label

There are five main things to look for on the label of an ice cream treat. It's not all about fat grams! Per half-cup serving (the standard serving for scoop ice cream), your best bets will have:

  • 4 grams of fat or less
  • Around 120 calories
  • 3 grams or less of saturated fat
  • No more than 10 milligrams cholesterol per serving

15 grams of sugar or less per serving. Many ice creams have almost double this amount.

More Fiber Than Whole-Wheat Crackers?

You might be surprised to learn that some ice cream bars actually have more fiber than a serving of whole-wheat crackers. It seems that 3 to 4 grams of fiber per serving is becoming the nutritional norm in this dessert category. It might help make your serving seem more filling.

There are also a few types of ice cream that have 2 grams of fiber per serving. They include Starbucks Lowfat Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry's Lowfat Frozen Yogurt Strawberries & Cream, and Dreyer's/Edy's Loaded Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

Best of the Light Ice Creams

The light ice creams and light ice cream bars in the table below are "best bites" because they had most of what you should be looking for nutritionally. (Those that also were lower in added sugar -- 15 grams or less per serving -- have an asterisk before their names.)

1/2 cupCaloriesFat
Saturated Fat

Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends with Live and Active Cultures
*Cappuccino Chip1103.52.51014
Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned
*Raspberry Chip Royale120432013
*Cookie Dough1304.532014
Breyers Light
*Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry1003.521013
*Vanilla Bean1003.521014
*Rocky Road1404.52.51016
Ben & Jerry's Lowfat Frozen Yogurt
Strawberries & Cream1503.52.52524
Half Baked18031.52023
Haagen-Dazs Lowfat Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla Raspberry Swirl1601.50.52525
Starbucks Lowfat Ice Cream
*also lower in added sugars


1 barCaloriesFat
Saturated Fat

Breyers 100 Calorie Cups
Vanilla Fudge Swirl10011514
Starbucks Bars
Frappuccino Mocha Bar1201.51516
Skinny Cow
Lowfat Fudge Bar10010.5113
Ice Cream Sandwiches (in assorted flavors, such as mint)1401.50.5113
Cone: Vanilla with Caramel15032419
Cone: Mint with fudge15032418
Weight Watchers
Giant Cookies &amp; Cream Bar14051.5<515.5

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