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    Healthy Child Healthy World: Resources & Programs

    Healthy Child Healthy World has a wide variety of resources and programs to help you prevent unnecessary toxic exposures by taking simple steps that make your home cleaner, greener, and safer.

    Here are four ways you can get started.

    • 1. Protect Your Child During the Most Vulnerable Stages of Development: Conception to Age 2

    Focus on the unique relationship between your child's health and the environment — one issue at a time.

    Sign up for our First Steps Program, a monthly email for new parents that delivers age-specific environmental health information throughout pregnancy and the first two years of your child's life.

    • 2. Get the 411 on Healthy Living by dialing into the Green Grapevine
      Pick up the phone and join one of our monthly discussions on The Green Grapevine, a free conference call where we talk about the environmental health issues that are important to you.
    • 3. Find Safer Products and Services

    Most people want to consider the health and environmental effects of the products they buy, but lack the time to research high-quality non-toxic options.

    Healthy Child Healthy World works with responsible companies who demonstrate leadership in the area of health and sustainability. You can find our recommendations for products and services in the following categories:

    • Baby Care
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Non-Toxic & Natural Products
    • Sustainability & Lifestyle

    Shop Healthy with our Trusted Partners

    • 4. Host a Healthy Home Party

    Anyone can make a big difference by hosting a Healthy Home Party to inspire and educate their friends, family, neighbors, peers and community members about how to create a cleaner, greener, safer, and healthier home and lifestyle.

    The Healthy Home Party kit is a complete event-in-a-box and tool kit. Hosts distribute product samples, provide hands-on demonstrations, and educate their guests on healthier living choices.

    As a group, you all will make a big difference and inspire those around you to take Easy Steps to create safer and healthier living environments for your community.

    Host a Healthy Home Party using one of our free kits that includes an entire assortment of information, from educational DVD, to handouts, and valuable sample products from the leading non-toxic and green companies.

    Healthy Child Healthy World Wonders…
    Do You Know a Mom on a Mission?

    This October, help us award that one special and inspiring woman dedicated to creating healthier and happier environments for children and families.

    Never Too Busy to Go Green!

    From food to cleaning and pregnancy to pets – Get all the easy tips for a cleaner, greener, safer home.

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    Voices For Change

    "Even among those couples who prepare for parenthood and give it a great deal of thought, few are aware of the hazards posed to their product—their future child—by foreign chemicals in the womb."

    Theo Colborn, Ph.D.