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    50+: Live Better, Longer

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    1. For Your Health, Assert Yourself

      March 26, 2001 -- After doctors diagnosed Richard Farrell with colon cancer in 1996, he underwent surgery and then chemotherapy. With the affected portion of his intestine removed, he thought he was on the road to recovery. But in 1999, more tumors were discovered. His surgeons said these were not o

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    2. Now, Foster Care for Displaced Pets

      March 12, 2001 -- Florida widow Louella Rohr had managed her share of problems in life when her mother died in 1990. Although her mother was very elderly, Rohr, then age 70, sank into a depression after the funeral. So severe did it become that her physician prescribed antidepressants. But after a w

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    3. Older Doctors Learn New Tricks

      Feb. 12, 2001 (San Mateo, Calif.) -- Floriberto sits on the edge of an exam table, wearing a zippered gray sweatshirt, jeans, sandals, an immaculately crisp Raiders cap, and a look of unrelenting pain. His right cheek bulges noticeably. A day laborer from Mexico, he has a severely infected tooth. "I

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    4. Opinion: Facing Burnout as a Weekend Mary Poppins?

      Feb. 7, 2001 -- You are a saint. To help a loved one, you would carry a sumo wrestler on your back across the desert. You would do whatever it takes to care for a family member, whether he is eight weeks, eight years, or 80 years old. Caring for a family member can be one of the most fulfilling expe

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    5. End of the Line

      Jan. 15, 2001 -- At the Fairport Baptist Home near Rochester, N.Y., residents spend their days in a community living room and dining room -- not hallway corridors. At a group of 11 nursing homes in Wisconsin, bladder and bowel accidents occur less frequently. A few years ago, such accidents cost the

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    6. No Cure-All for Nursing Homes

      Jan. 1, 2001 -- They occupy the last rung on our nation's disjointed healthcare ladder, the places where the frailest, weakest, and most burdensome among us spend their final days. Our nation's nursing homes -- the products of years of societal, political, and economic indecision -- care for an agin

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    7. Planning for Home Care

      Dec. 25, 2000 -- During most of Marty Sandfelder's extended battle with a rare blood malignancy, he did not need extensive home care. But as his condition worsened, he was unable to climb the stairs to his bedroom. By then, emotions were running so high and decisions were needed so quickly that his

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    8. Privately Spiritual

      Dec. 4, 2000 -- Every morning, Marjorie Boyle, a 71-year-old resident of suburban Los Angeles, spends 20 minutes quietly reading Scripture and praying. It's an act of private religious faith the retired bank employee has practiced for 40 years. She prays for the needs of herself, her family, and tho

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    9. Can Good Sex Keep You Young?

      Nov. 13, 2000 -- When I asked my 77-year-old friend Peter Kranz of Darien, Conn., about his sex life, he was immediately forthcoming. "We make love twice a day," he said. "You do this every day?" I asked. "The schedule is not written in stone," Peter explained. "But we do make love every day." Micha

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    10. Gardening for Health

      Oct. 30, 2000 -- First thing every morning, Gene Gach checks the 50 or so pots of bromeliads that he keeps along one side of his house. Then he simply stands and enjoys the backyard of his modest Los Angeles home -- the wide, green lawn, the 25-foot stand of Chinese bamboo he grew from a single stal

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