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    50+: Live Better, Longer

    Medical Reference Related to Healthy Seniors

    1. How to Prepare for Anesthesia

      Find out if you need to stop taking certain medicines before anesthesia and get other tips about prepping for your surgery.

    2. How Rehab Can Help You Recover From Surgery

      Find out how rehab can help speed your recovery from an operation, and learn about the kinds of therapists you'll need on your team.

    3. Milestone Medical Tests in Your 50s

      Learn the important medical tests to get in your 50s, including thyroid tests, colon and rectal exams, PSA and prostate tests, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol exams.

    4. Medical Tests for Your 60s and Up

      Here are the key medical tests you should have in your 60s, including a bone density scan, hearing exam, colon exam, prostate exam, and mammogram.

    5. Resources for Better Aging

      From support group message boards to government agencies, WebMD directs you to resources that can help you age gracefully.

    6. Older Adults: How to Avoid Falls at Home

      Falling is the most common cause of injuries among seniors. Here are tips to prevent falls in the home.

    7. Elder Abuse: Know the Signs

      Keep your loved ones safe by knowing the signs of elder abuse and neglect and how to stop it.

    8. Generic Drugs: Answers to Common Questions

      People often have questions about generic drugs. Our experts provide you with the answers.

    9. Dos and Don'ts of Drug Safety

      The more you know about the medicines you take, the likelier it is that you will use them safely. WebMD gives you tips for taking medication and for properly disposing of it when it has reached its expiration date.

    10. The Facts on Omega-3 Fatty Acids

      Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good health. WebMD explains how to make sure they are part of your diet.

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