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Adoption Resources

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoption involves the adoption of children who are living in the U.S. foster care system. These adoptions are usually handled through local and regional public agencies; however some States contract with licensed private agencies to recruit, train, conduct home studies and license adoptive parents for these children. In some States prospective parents will be dually licensed as both foster and an adoptive parents.

While most children who are adopted from foster care are adopted by their foster parents and other children are adopted by their relatives, nationwide there are still many thousands of children in the U.S. foster care system waiting for permanent families (See the Trends in Foster Care Adoption from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System on the Children's Bureau website for the most recent years' numbers of children waiting: Child welfare professionals must recruit potential adoptive families for these children who are waiting for adoption.

  • Foster care adoption strategies and programs
  • Recruiting, preparing, and retaining foster/adoptive parents
  • Children waiting for adoption
  • Legal issues and laws on foster care adoption
  • National Adoption Month
  • Related resources

Recruiting, Preparing & Retaining Foster/Adoptive Parents

Strategies, tools, and organizations to help professionals identify, recruit, prepare, and retain resource families (foster, adoptive, and kinship families) for children waiting for adoptive families. Resources include State and local examples.

  • Recruiting foster/adoptive parents
  • Preparing foster/adoptive parents
  • Retaining foster/adoptive parents

Preparing & Supporting Children and Youth

Children and youth in out-of-home care need preparation and support as part of the permanency planning process.

  • Preparing children and youth for permanency
  • Transition and postplacement support

Supporting Birth Parents

Find information to share with pregnant women and teens, birth mothers and fathers, and other birth relatives, as well as information to counsel and support these triad members.

  • For pregnant women, birth mothers, fathers, & relatives
  • Working with birth parents
  • Teens

Postadoption Services

Find resources on adoption assistance, counseling, support groups, maintaining important connections for children, trainings, parenting and school issues, and improving postadoption practice.

  • Adoption assistance
  • Research and outcome studies on postadoption services
  • Help for families

Search & Reunion

Find information and resources on searching for birth relatives, reunion, obtaining birth and adoption records, support groups, and relevant laws and policies.

  • Searching for birth relatives
  • Obtaining birth and/or adoption records
  • Lifelong impact of adoption
  • Support groups

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