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    Medical Reference Related to COPD

    1. Preventing Exacerbations in COPD: Staying Healthy Tips

      WebMD gives tips for reducing the frequency of your COPD exacerbations.

    2. COPD Exacerbation Symptoms: Wheezing, Coughing, and More

      Get the facts from WebMD about the symptoms of a COPD exacerbation.

    3. Oxygen Therapy Safety Tips: Preventing Fires and Other Accidents

      WebMD gives safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.

    4. COPD Treatments Plans: Working With Your Doctor

      WebMD shows how to plan with your doctor to get the best out of your COPD treatment plan.

    5. COPD Exacerbation Treatments and Medications

      WebMD talks about medications and other treatments for COPD exacerbations, from albuterol to oxygen therapy.

    6. COPD and Weight Loss: Improving Your Appetite

      WebMD gives tips for improving your appetite when you have COPD and are losing weight.

    7. COPD Diagnostic Tests: Pulmonary Function, Spirometry, and More

      WebMD discusses different types of tests used to diagnose COPD.

    8. COPD Oxygen Therapy Systems: Container/Storage & Delivery Systems

      WebMD describes different types of oxygen systems used by COPD patients.

    9. Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion with Exercise

      WebMD discusses the Borg RPE and modified RPD scales used to determine exertion with exercise and shortness of breath.

    10. Written Plans for COPD Exacerbation Treatment

      Learn from WebMD how to create a written plan for handling exacerbations and when to seek emergency care.

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