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    When to Call the Doctor About Your Migraines or Headaches

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    Migraines and headaches are a pain, but most of the time, they’re not signs that you have a serious medical problem. But when you have new symptoms or problems that are more severe than normal, it’s worth talking to your doctor.

    Know your personal headache symptoms -- what’s normal for you and what’s not, and when you need emergency help.

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    The following headache symptoms mean you should get medical help right away:

    A sudden, new, severe headache that comes with:

    These migraine or headache symptoms don’t need urgent care, but you should let your doctor know if you:

    • Have three or more headaches per week
    • Have headaches that keep getting worse and won't go away
    • Need to take a pain reliever every day or almost every day for your headaches
    • Need more than two to three doses of over-the-counter medications per week to feel better
    • Have headaches that are triggered by coughing, bending, or intense physical activity
    • Have a history of headaches but have noticed a recent change in your symptoms


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