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    Make Your Home Work for You When You Have MS

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    What Changes Can I Make? continued...

    Use toothbrushes with built-up handles or use an electric toothbrush.

    Eating and Drinking

    • Rest your elbows on the table to give you more motion in your wrists and hands.
    • Sit with your knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angle in a straight-back chair.
    • Use utensils with built-up, lightweight handles. Or use a "spork" -- a spoon and fork in one. Try a rocker knife to cut food.
    • Use a non-skid mat (made out of a material called Dycem) to keep objects from slipping on the table.
    • Use a plate guard or plate with a raised lip to keep food from spilling.
    • Use a long straw with a non-spill cup, or use a plastic mug with a large handle.

    In the Kitchen

    • Have at least one workspace that’s low enough for you to reach it when you’re seated.
    • Use a jar opener for tightly sealed containers.
    • Don't close bottles or jars too tightly once they’re open.
    • Use an extended lever to open lift-tab cans.
    • Use pans with a wide base that you can’t knock over easily.
    • Use a food processor to chop vegetables.
    • Use plastic containers. They’re less likely to break.
    • Store food and drinks in small, easy-to-manage containers.
    • Place utensils, pots, pans, and measuring cups on a pegboard or in an accessible cupboard instead of in lower cupboards. That way you won’t have to bend to reach them. Sit when you’re getting things out of lower cupboards.
    • Use a spike board for vegetables, fruit, and potatoes so you have both hands free to peel or chop them.
    • Use two hands to pour liquids.
    • Use scissors to open cellophane packages. Use a box top opener for boxes.
    • Use electrical appliances whenever it’s possible.


    • Use long handles on sponge mops, cleaning brushes, dustpans, brooms, or window washers.
    • Sit to fold laundry, wash dishes, iron clothes, use the vacuum, mop the floor, or plug in appliances at low outlets. Adapt counters so that you can reach them from a wheelchair or from a sitting position.

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