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Multiple Sclerosis Health Center

Living & Managing

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Having MS does not define who you are, but it does affect your life. In these pages, you’ll find help for the body and wisdom for the soul.  

Living and Coping

How well are you managing your MS? Take this interactive assessment to learn more about healthy living with multiple sclerosis.

As soon as you feel less able to cope, get help -- like counseling or a support group. Click here for more guidance.

Muscle spasms and other factors make insomnia a common problem. These tips will help you get more sleep.

An exercise program can ease your MS symptoms -- but don’t overdo it. Read on to learn more.

Find out which types of exercise might be best for you.

Good nutrition keeps your overall health optimal.  That's important for people with a chronic disease. Click here for tips.

Learn the warning signs of stress, and how to reduce it. This article offers tips in reducing stress. Click here.

If your family is feeling anger and fear about your diagnosis, this article will help. Click here for insights.

You can cope with symptoms, yet keep on working. This article offers a practical guide.

Counseling and vocational rehabilitation can help you find -- or keep -- the right job. Click here for more details.

You can still date and have relationships when you have MS. Learn how others have handled it. Click here.

Your intimate relationship can still be satisfying. Talking and touching are key. Read this article to understand.

Women with multiple sclerosis can have a healthy pregnancy, but MS can pose some challenges. Find out how to plan ahead.

Daily activities can cause fatigue, so you’ve got to adapt. We’ve got dozens of tips for dressing, bathing, dining, and more.

Shoe inserts, leg braces, and other devices can help you conserve energy and stay independent. Click here to learn more.

Is it time to make the change? Learn what to look for in an assisted-living community.

Learn what services they offer, and how to choose the right one. Click here for details.

Find out more about how doctors assess multiple sclerosis disability.

Personal Stories

How health activist Nancy Davis rebounded from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Meet many hundreds of people living with multiple sclerosis. This link takes you to a special section on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society web site.

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