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15 Facts You Might Not Know

Do kids have more cavities than adults? Can you get them between your teeth?

Don't Cut Plaque Any Slack

Easy changes add up to a healthier mouth.

10 Common Mistakes People Make

Troubleshoot your toothbrushing and put those bristles to work.

No More Excuses

Is floss getting between you and cleaner teeth?

Whiten Your Smile Safely

Brightening options from strips to prescriptions.

Healthy Teeth Poll

How often do you really floss your teeth?

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Treats That Darken Your Teeth

Less than pearly whites? It may be what you eat and drink.


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9 Reasons Your Teeth Hurt

And what you can do about it.


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Tooth Surface Trouble

What's wearing away your enamel -- and how to stop it.


What to Know About Bad Breath

Get the facts on the causes and cures for stinky breath.