Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Ovarian Cancer

  1. Has my ovarian cancer spread?
  2. Do I have to have both of my ovaries removed? If so, will I have hot flashes?
  3. How confident are you that all of the cancer has been removed?
  4. Which chemotherapy drugs do you recommend? Do I have any other treatment options?
  5. How long will I have to undergo chemotherapy?
  6. What side effects should I look for? Are there ways to minimize these side effects?
  7. Will I need any additional surgery?
  8. Should I be tested for the BRCA-1 BRCA-2 mutations? What should I do if the test is positive?
  9. What signs should I look for that might indicate the ovarian cancer has come back?
  10. How often should I come in for follow-up visits?
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SOURCE: American Cancer Society.

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