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    Pain is complex, so there are many treatment options -- medications, therapies, and mind-body techniques. Learn the benefits and risks of each, including addiction. 


    Medications, mind-body techniques, and acupuncture can help relieve chronic pain. Learn about your options.

    A pain clinic is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain.

    Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, counseling -- in addition to medication or surgery, these can also bring pain relief. Click here to learn more.

    This hands-on therapy has been shown to help in treating neck pain and headaches. Read this brief overview.

    If you have painful compression fractures in the spine, both surgical and nonsurgical treatments are explored. This article provides an overview.

    Research shows that acupuncture and other nonmedical treatments can provide pain relief. Click here to learn more.

    This overview provides a look at the options for pain medication, including possible side effects. Read on.

    Learn about risks vs. benefits of narcotics used to treat severe pain. Click here for more information.

    When a local anesthetic is injected, it causes a nerve block -- which blocks the pain. Learn more about nerve blocks and how they’re used. Click here.

    Learn about injections used to treat serious muscle “knots” called trigger points. Click here.

    Low-level electrical signals can block pain signals from reaching the brain. Read to learn more.

    These systems help people with cancer or chronic pain. Read this brief introduction.

    Information on pain medication addiction and the differences between addiction, tolerance, and dependence.

    PCA pumps have many plusses in pain control. Read more about PCA pumps.

    If you need short-term pain relief, TENS might help. Learn how TENS can scramble your brain’s perception of pain.

    This is a safe alternative to pain medication. Learn how bioelectric therapy can block pain messages to the brain. Click here.

    At the last resort, there are surgical options to treat pain. This article briefly describes them.

    It’s important to start cancer pain treatment as early as possible to get the most benefit.

    The most difficult task involved in treating pain in children is obtaining an objective and accurate measurement of the pain.

    Acupuncture is an age-old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are placed at specific points in the body. It's primarily used to relieve pain but also has been used to treat other conditions.

    In the past decade, strong evidence has accumulated regarding the benefits of mind-body therapies, acupuncture, and some nutritional supplements for treating pain.


    Many people don’t like taking a pill regularly for pain relief. Here are some alternatives.

    A few changes in everyday habits can help get pain under control. Read these tips.

    Learn more about addiction of pain medication -- and signs of addiction. Click here.

    This pain relief care is for those with cancer, heart failure, or who are dying. Read more about palliative care.

    Pain from cancer or cancer treatment can be serious -- but it can be controlled in almost every case. Click here to read more.

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