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    1. Burning Feet

      Learn the various causes of a burning sensation in your feet, as well as diagnosis and treatments.

    2. Try Supplements

      Studies show that some supplements may help relieve and control pain. Find out from WebMD which supplements may be right for you and what you should talk about with your doctor before you take them.

    3. Which Medicines Treat Knee Pain?

      When your knee injury causes pain, these medicines may help.

    4. Physical Therapy to Help Your Knee

      If you have knee or leg pain, physical therapy can help you feel better and get moving again.

    5. What’s Causing Your Knee Pain?

      Got knee pain? It can happen for lots of reasons. What’s the cause for you?

    6. Why Does My Knee Still Hurt?

      Your knee just hasn’t been the same since your injury. When you see your doctor, be ready to answer these questions and take these tests.

    7. Helping an Older Person Relieve Aches and Pains

      Many older people live with pain they don't need to have. Try these tips to help relieve aches and pains.

    8. What Are the Top Causes of Neuropathy?

      Diabetes isn’t the only thing that causes neuropathy. Find out about the other causes, from injury to alcohol.

    9. Knee Dislocation

      A knee dislocation occurs when the bones that form your knee are out of place.

    10. Prescription Medications and Treatments for Nerve Pain

      Learn more from WebMD about prescription medications and treatments for nerve pain.

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