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  1. Ankle Sprain Classification - Topic Overview

    An inversion injury,the most common cause of ankle sprains,occurs when the ankle rolls outward and the foot turns inward. It results in stretching and tearing of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. In an eversion injury,the ankle rolls inward and the foot turns outward,damaging the ligaments at the inside of the ankle. If the foot is forced up,or the leg twists forcefully while ...

  2. Radiofrequency Ablation for Arthritis Pain

    Learn more from WebMD about radiofrequency ablation, a procedure used to treat arthritis pain.

  3. Debridement for Rotator Cuff Disorders - Topic Overview

    Debridement involves removing loose fragments of tendon,thickened bursa,and other debris from around the shoulder joint. By clearing damaged tissue from the region of the shoulder joint,it helps the doctor to see the extent of the injury and determine whether you need more surgery. Debridement may be done in arthroscopic surgery (through two or three tiny incisions) or in open surgery ...

  4. Rotator Cuff Tendon Impingement - Topic Overview

    Impingement occurs when inflammation,bone spurs,or fluid buildup causes a rotator cuff tendon to be squeezed and rub against a bone. Every time you raise your arm above your head,the upper tendon in the rotator cuff (supraspinatus tendon) and the bursa that lies on top of the tendon glide on the underside of the upper end of your shoulder blade (acromion). The underside of the acromion may ...

  5. Fentanyl

    Drug details for Fentanyl.

  6. Opiate Pain Relievers for Cancer Pain

    Drug details for Narcotic painkillers.

  7. Anesthesia - Frequently Asked Questions

    Planning for anesthesia:What do I need to know about anesthesia?Who will be caring for me when I receive anesthesia?What factors affect the choice of anesthesia?Types of anesthesia:What are the major types of anesthesia?What kinds of medications are used for anesthesia?Risks and possible problems:What are the potential risks or complications of anesthetic medications?What medical conditions may ..

  8. Anesthesia: Health Risks - Topic Overview

    As part of preparing for a medical procedure requiring anesthesia, you will have an exam to check on your health and to identify any health risks that may affect your anesthesia care. Tell your anesthesia specialist about your health history, including any other surgeries you have had and any health problems.Be sure to tell the specialist if you are pregnant, if you smoke, or if you have alcohol or drug problems. Also let him or her know if you or a family member have had past problems with anesthesia.Prepare a list of all medicines(What is a PDF document?) that you take on a regular basis or have taken recently, including the dose. Be sure to include prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and/or herbal products.Your anesthesia specialist will identify conditions you have that could affect your anesthesia care. He or she will closely watch your vital body functions to reduce potential complications.Some medical problems may increase your risk of complications when you

  9. Anesthesia - Topic Overview

    What is anesthesia?Anesthesia is the use of medications and close monitoring to provide comfort and maintain vital life functions during surgery or other medical procedures. Medication use and close monitoring assist in controlling breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, and blood flow. Your anesthesia specialist, whether it is an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist, is responsible .

  10. Anesthesia - Health Tools

    Health Tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health. Actionsets are designed to help people take an active role in managing a health condition. Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body ...

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