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Bottle Feeding and Formula: Expert Q&A

Will baby's feeding schedule change when on a baby bottle?

Baby’s feeding schedule probably won’t change too much if you’re using breast milk in the baby’s bottle. But if you're using formula, which is a little thicker and slower to digest, you may go longer between feedings or have fewer feedings. This really depends on the age of the baby.

Is baby more likely to be colicky with a baby bottle?

Some people say yes -- that babies swallow more air with a bottle or that they’re colicky because the baby formula is harder to digest.

But really, no one knows what causes colic. However, breastfeeding does seem to help a colicky baby.

How much should I feed my baby at each bottle feeding?

Newborns tend to take about one to two ounces per bottle feeding, typically maxing out at six to eight ounces per bottle at six to eight months.

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Reviewed on July 08, 2010
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