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    Baby Personality Quiz: Tips for Dealing With Your Baby’s Unique Type

    Need help determining your baby's temperament? Take this WebMD quiz and find out what makes your baby one of a kind.
    By Diane Lore
    WebMD Feature
    Reviewed by Matthew Hoffman, MD

    Who is this little creature, this dictator dressed in a diaper? She's your baby, of course. And if you want to understand the newest member of your family, you need to study her in her natural habitat. In short, learn her temperament.

    Child development experts watch several key traits when determining a baby's temperament. So maybe your baby is feisty or easygoing; or maybe she hates change. By identifying her behavior, you can work in tandem with her -- making everyone's life in her little kingdom smoother, easier, and happier.

    Want to determine your baby's temperament? Take our quiz:

    1. If you could just jam the buckle into the slot between your baby's chubby little legs, you could make it to the bank drive-through before it closes. Your baby's reaction?
    1. No, no, no, no. Bottle hits -- with amazing accuracy -- your forehead.
    2. Why are you taking so long? You've got errands, I've got a car nap. Let's get to it, woman.
    3. Ouch, the belt's snug and the buckle's hot, and I'm trying to work with you, but you're really starting to annoy me.

    1. Wow! There's a bug on the sidewalk. Let's:
    1. Eat it, of course. Yummy!
    2. Watch it and either 1) jab it with stick 2) let it crawl all over my legs
    3. Run! It's a bug!

    1. You have just put on Baby's pants and socks and shoes and hat and shirt and are now sure:
    1. That you will smell something funny because your baby takes great pleasure in surprise, very necessary diaper changes.
    2. That despite the fact you are headed to Grandma's, your baby will sleep through the visit because it landed during his daily nap time.
    3. That he might fall asleep during the car ride and might also need a diaper change but will want to play with Grandma, who is, after all, much nicer than Mommy, once he arrives.

    1. Little Creature has misplaced his favorite Little Tykes truck in the backyard. He is not pleased. He expresses this by:
    1. Kicking other trucks you present and sulking.
    2. By briefly whining about it, but then being distracted by a really cool bug.
    3. Searching for the truck, but quickly moving on to sister's doll.

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