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    Baby Personality Quiz: Tips for Dealing With Your Baby’s Unique Type

    Need help determining your baby's temperament? Take this WebMD quiz and find out what makes your baby one of a kind.


    1. You have taken Baby to a local gym geared for kids. She reacts to the bright lights and loud music how?
    1. Running toward the mats and the instructor. Only 30 days to firmer baby thighs!
    2. A little hesitant. I can barely walk and you want me to tumble?
    3. Cringing in horror. Too many primary colors, too many televisions featuring the Doodlebops. [Bonus points if that's your response, not the baby's.]

    1. You give Baby a 4-piece puzzle.
    1. Baby plays with it, first figuring it out and then building a lean-to house out of the pieces.
    2. Baby bangs puzzle pieces together and then moves on to tormenting the dog.
    3. Puzzle board does not taste like Froot Loops. Neither does a Hot Wheels car. Nor Mommy's keys.

    1. While playing itsy-bitsy spider, your baby:
    1. Gets frustrated with the hand movements. Frowns and wants to stop.
    2. Smiles like an angel -- another perfect day with the little dictator.
    3. Is bemused. She keeps playing it because Mommy seems to like it so much.

    The Results

    The questions were based on a list of key traits outlined by Pediatrician William Carey, MD, author of Understanding Your Child's Temperament. The traits include:

    • Activity/energy level
    • Approach to newness
    • Intensity
    • Sensitivity
    • Regularity
    • Adaptability
    • Distractibility
    • Persistence
    • Overall mood

    1: Activity/Energy Level

    1. High
    2. Low
    3. Medium

    To be in synch with baby, if she's high energy, you need to look for ways to keep her moving but not at a frenetic pace. If she's low energy, you need to make sure you don't take the easy way out and park her in front of the television.

    2. Approach to Newness

    1. High
    2. Medium
    3. Low

    If your baby loves new things, lucky you! But if you find he's naturally hesitant or shy, he will need extra reassurance and patience.

    3. Regularity

    1. Low
    2. High
    3. Medium

    If everything is unpredictable -- potty, naps, moods -- you're going to have to let go of your control freak ways and loosen up. If your baby likes structure, you might have to give up your let-it-all-hang-out ways and give him the schedule he craves.

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