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  1. Legislative Help for Nursing Moms.

    April 24, 2000 (New York) -- There is little legal protection currently available for women who wish to pump breast milk at work. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) has introduced a bill that would extend the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 -- which was meant to protect women from being fir

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  2. Donating Nourishment

    When Peggy Spies of Austin, Texas, delivered a stillborn baby last July after only 21 weeks of pregnancy, she knew her milk would soon come in and that it would be valuable to others. "I learned 'preemie' milk is even more rare and valuable than full-term mother's milk and decided to donate," says S

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  3. A Separate Bed For Baby

    As parents, Meg McLean and Lee Sherline of Baltimore are constantly discussing how to care for "Little Lee," the newest member of their family. Deciding where Little Lee sleeps, for example, is not as simple as it might seem."He sleeps in the crib next to the bed, but Meg brings him into bed to nurs

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  4. Breastfeeding Update

    Whether to breastfeed or formula feed is one of a new mother's earliest and most important decisions. The final choice is always a personal one and not necessarily easy to make. What should help make your decision easier, however, is knowing that evidence continues to mount suggesting that breast mi

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  5. SIDS: Reducing the Risk

    Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is among the greatest fears of parents with newborns. Though little is known about the cause of this condition, the incidence of SIDS is declining as the result of a public awareness effort. The "Back to Sleep" campaign, initiated by the National Institutes of Hea

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  6. Babies and Eczema

    Does your baby have eczema? Learn more about infants and this common skin rash.

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