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    1. 1Have your supplies ready and within easy reach. You'll need wipes, diapers, ointment, and hand sanitizer.
    2. 2Lift and place. Make sure baby is secure and then unfold the new diaper. Gently but firmly lift the baby's ankles, using your other hand to slide the fresh diaper under baby's bottom.
    3. 3Lower baby's ankles and unfasten the old diaper.
    4. 4Make sure you've got temporary cover if baby is a boy. Otherwise, you might get wet!
    5. 5Next, lift up baby again and wipe for stool as you roll the old diaper away.
    6. 6Use a wet cloth or fragrance-free wipes to clean baby and always wipe front to back. This is especially important for girls to avoid spreading germs from her bottom to the bladder. Don’t over clean the vaginal area; some discharge is normal and protective.
    7. 7Dispose of the old diaper. Place the dirty wipes in the old diaper and seal it up. Set the diaper aside.
    8. 8Apply protective ointment and diaper creams if baby has a rash or reddened areas.
    9. 9Center baby on the new diaper and close it up, fastening for a fit that is snug and secure.
    10. 10Sanitize your hands before you pick up baby or touch anything else.
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