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    1. Buying the Right Shoes

      Wondering which baby shoes are best? WebMD provides tips for finding the right pair for your 1-year-old.

    2. Baby's First Words

      WebMD talks about what to expect from your baby when it comes to making sounds and forming words.

    3. Vaccination Schedule: What to Expect

      WebMD provides an overview of the vaccines baby will need and when these vaccines are given.

    4. Baby Behavior: Is This Normal?

      WebMD explains what’s normal behavior for a 6 month old baby.

    5. Avoiding Bedtime Struggles

      WebMD provides helpful tips to handle baby's ear infection, stranger anxiety, and sleep problems.

    6. Baby Sign Language: Does It Work?

      WebMD talks about the benefits and possible drawbacks of teaching baby sign language.

    7. Baby Nutrition 101

      Learn from WebMD about helping baby get good nutrition when starting solids.

    8. Answers About Your Baby’s Sleep

      Answers to parents' top 7 questions about babies and sleep.

    9. Baby Brain Boosters

      The experts at WebMD discuss your baby's vision and brain boosters like storytime. Can DVDs and television boost baby's IQ as well?

    10. Late Preterm Birth: What You Need to Know

      Having your baby 3 to 6 weeks early may have a few health risks for you and your child. But you can take steps to help your infant stay healthy and grow normally after an early birth.

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