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Amusement Park Survival Guide

How to have amusement park fun and avoid injury.

Watch Out for Motion Sickness

Don't eat a large meal before going on a ride, and tell your kids to keep their heads facing forward, which according to Hubbard, will help prevent injury and motion sickness.

Follow the Park Rules

The National Safe Kids Campaign suggests following these rules at amusement parks:

  • Read the rules carefully and follow height and age restrictions. Read the warning signs aloud so that children understand them.
  • Keep all body parts inside the rides at all times. Ignore images of happy riders waving their hands, which is frequently a violation of ride rules.
  • Hold onto handrails when provided. Always use the safety equipment that is provided by the park operators.
  • Talk to your child about what to do if he or she gets frightened while on the ride. Tell them not to try to get out. Explain to small children that amusement rides might seem scary, but they're not dangerous as long as riders hold on tight, stay seated, and keep their hands and feet inside.
  • Particular attention should be paid to rides as they come to a stop. Children who are in a rush to be the first one off, or in a hurry to get to the next ride, may try to exit while the ride is still moving.
Reviewed on July 02, 2007

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