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    1. How to Find Help for Your Anxious Child

      Does your 8-year-old daughter worry that you’ll get into a car crash when you drive to work? Does your 10-year-old son become upset and panicky at the thought of meeting new kids at a birthday party? You might be dealing with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is the most common psychiatric disorder affec

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    2. When Parenting Styles Differ

      When your parenting style differs from that of your partner, tensions can run high. Take the case of Leigh Henry, 37, of San Antonio, Texas. Leigh doesn't always agree with her husband, Ryan, also 37, on how best to parent their toddler and preschooler. Ryan, an attorney, makes "empty threats," she

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    3. 7 Mistakes Parents Make With Grade-Schoolers

      If you've got kids in elementary school, you certainly have your job cut out for you as you try to encourage healthy living and help them develop a positive self-image. Throw in the first signs of puberty and some social and emotional bumps along the way, and it is easy to see that some mistakes are

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    4. 8 Mistakes Parents Make With Preschoolers

      Sometimes, it may seem like your preschooler has the innate ability to push you to the outer edge of your patience. And that's on a good day. Fear not, moms and dads. You're not alone. Preschoolers want to own their newfound independence. But they also want the close attention and love of their care

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    5. 10 Tips to Cut Kids’ Screen Time

      When you were a kid, did you camp out on the couch with your siblings and fight over what show you’d watch on the family TV? Today, your kids have decidedly fewer limits when it comes to controlling a screen. They can watch many at once, and carry them wherever they go. As amazing as the technology

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    6. Why Is It So Hard to Exercise?

      Anyone can have a hard time making exercise part of their routine. But throw kids into the mix, and it can almost feel impossible. Why is it so hard for busy parents to exercise? Often it comes down to motivation. “Parents typically don’t get enough sleep and spend their days constantly responding t

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    7. A Parent’s Guide to P.E. Class

      How many years has it been since you did a shuttle run, played dodgeball, or jogged a mile during gym class? In that time, physical education has changed, says Cheryl Richardson, senior director of programs for the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE). “The focus is on engaging students,

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    8. How to Boost Your Kid’s Body Image

      Your child probably thinks about the way her body looks -- a lot. Even if she doesn’t tell you about it. Concerns about weight and appearance can start as early as elementary school or preschool. In many ways, that’s normal, says Alexandra Corning, PhD, director of the Body Image and Eating Disorder

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    9. How to Talk to Your Teen About Weight

      You’ve been noticing unhealthy changes in your teen’s weight and you want to have a heart-to-heart about it. But talking to teenagers is tricky. How can you be sure they’ll hear what you say? Rest assured: They really are listening to you, says Sara Forman, MD, clinical chief of adolescent medicine

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    10. Is My Child Ready for a Cell Phone?

      Children are starting to carry cell phones at younger ages. In a recent study, 22% of kids in grade school reported having their own cell phone compared with 60% of tweens and 84% of teens. Like many parents, you may wonder whether your child is ready for a cell phone. As you might imagine, there ar

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