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    Jewel's New Tune: Motherhood

    Becoming a mom inspires the singer-songwriter to stay off the road, make an album for kids, and nurture her youngest fan, Kase.

    Jewel's Childhood in the Country continued...

    She came back to her roots with her husband, professional bull rider Ty Murray, who also knows a thing or two about working the land. He too is ranch-raised -- a fifth-generation cowboy.

    They plan to bring Kase up with the same kind of frontier work ethic. When he's old enough, Kase will have to do his share of the chores on their 2,500-acre Texas ranch. "It was important to us to try to provide a lifestyle that helps him learn what work is and what being grounded is," she says.

    Jewel's New CD: The Merry Goes 'Round

    Although Jewel is taking a break from her own chores on the ranch to care for Kase, she hasn't stopped writing and recording songs. While she was pregnant, she wrote and produced a children's CD, The Merry Goes 'Round.

    The album, which Jewel describes as a mix of Dixieland, blues, folk, and grassroots country, are songs Kase can grow up with. "I didn't talk down to children," she says. "I tried to write well-crafted, well-written pop songs…they just happen to be whimsical and funny and entertaining, but not stupid."

    Unlike with previous releases, the singer-songwriter won't be promoting her new album on a cross-country tour. Aside from a few scattered concert dates in the fall, she's sticking close to home. For the next few months, her "work" will revolve around changing diapers and feeding her son, she says.

    "I look at this as the most important role of my life," she says. "I think Ty and I both waited until the right time in our lives when we could afford to make this our priority. This is what I want to be great at, and this is what I want to put my focus on."

    Jewel's Advice for New Moms

    The singer-songwriter and first-time mom shares a few tips for other new mothers.

    Cut yourself some slack. "I think moms feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, or to lose the baby weight instantly, or to act like they have everything together and put on a brave face. You don't." Give yourself time to recover from your delivery and get to know your baby. "Try to be kind to yourself," she suggests.

    Live for today. Focus on the present with your baby -- not the future. "Don't have any expectations of how you think it's supposed to go, so you can take each day as it comes."

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    Reviewed on October 04, 2011

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