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    Single Mom Garcelle Beauvais Puts Her Sons First

    How the busy 'Flight' actress balances work, health, and 5-year-old twins.


    What's your go-to easy dinner?

    Probably barbecuing. That's easy -- you just turn the grill on, put the food on, and you can walk away and do other stuff and come back. We'll barbecue corn and grill vegetables -- the kids love that.

    When you're trying to drop 5 pounds, what do you cut first?

    The yummy stuff -- carbs like bread and pasta. Usually pasta! And then I up my water intake. I'm not a big water drinker, so water gets kicked up a notch, and then I just go for smaller portions and eating earlier.

    I Am Mixed, the first in your three-book series published by Stranger Comics, debuts this fall. How did your sons inspire you to start writing children's books?

    When we go to the bookstore, which we do a lot, there weren't many books with characters who looked like them. I'm Haitian and Mike is Irish, and I wanted them to understand the blend of what makes them who they are. So it came to me that I needed to do this.

    Jax and Jaid are my reviewers. They like this part, and they don't like that part. Sometimes they're a little too bossy about it, and I tell them to go play! But it's been a really great process. The next book is about divorce from a kid's point of view, because they're from a divorced family. [I Am Mixed, the first in Beauvais' three-book series, will be published this fall by Stranger Comics.]

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    "It's nice when you can have little moments when you can kind of pat yourself on the back for handling a parenting situation well."
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    Reviewed on August 13, 2012

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