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Buying Shoes for Toddlers

Take the guesswork out of shoe shopping, and find the perfect fit for your little girl or boy.

More to Know Before Your Purchase

Your toddler will need a new pair of shoes and a new sizing about every two to four months, experts say. So before you go out and buy a dozen pairs of shoes for your little one, you might want to focus on the basics.

"You really only need one or maybe two pairs of shoes for your toddler," Cox says, "a play shoe like a sneaker and possibly a dress-up shoe."

When you are buying toddler shoes, each shopping trip should be treated like the first -- examine all aspects of the shoe and make sure it fits all around. Kids’ shoes are different from brand to brand, style to style, and sometimes even from shoe to shoe, Cox says. So the "trying on" experience is important.

Also, bring a pair of socks with you when you're shoe shopping for your toddler. "In general, you want your child to wear socks with his shoes to prevent chafing," Cox says.

Finally, follow one last simple test when buying toddler shoes: Ask your little one to walk around in them. You don't need to worry so much about the style of the shoe. Instead, think about whether it looks comfortable and fits well."

Reviewed on August 27, 2015
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