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    Grade Schooler

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    Stay a step ahead, from discipline and bedtime battles to healthy eating and fitness, as your child transitions to elementary school.

    Behavior & Discipline

    Here’s how to tell if your child is spoiled, and what to do about it.

    Experts explain the correct way to praise children to help build self-confidence.

    Learn about effective discipline techniques and when to get help for dangerous behavior patterns.

    Our experts weigh in on what makes kids whine and how parents can prevent it.

    Common Concerns

    The amount of sleep your child needs varies. Here are some general guidelines.

    Brothers and sisters fight. Part of the reason for the disputes is different personalities and ages.

    Even if your child has already been in some sort of program, even kindergarten, the start of a new school year is challenging. WebMD offers a to-do list to help make the transition much easier.

    Most school-age children feel driven to "make it" in the world away from home. Making friends and being accepted become top priorities.

    Nutrition & Exercise

    Here’s how to keep your child active and give them self-confidence no matter what activity they choose.

    Knowing your child’s BMI can help you monitor their weight and make healthy changes.

    5 quick fixes to transform favorite kid foods into healthier versions, plus recipes for family favorites.

    Moms today are busy, whether they work in or outside the home (or both). But that doesn't mean that they don't care about feeding their families in the healthiest way possible.

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