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    Moms, Kids, and Body Image

    Additional Information on Body Image and Your Kids:

    1. BodyWorks: A Toolkit for Healthy Girls and Strong Women -- BodyWorks is a program designed to help parents and caregivers of young adolescent girls (ages 9-13) improve family eating and activity habits. Using the BodyWorks Toolkit, the program focuses on parents as role models and provides them with hands-on tools to make small, specific behavior changes to prevent obesity and help maintain a healthy weight.
    2. For Parents and Caregivers -- We have created the site to help adolescent girls (ages 10-16) learn more about some of the unique health issues and social situations they will encounter during the teen years. The Parent/Caregiver section provides resources and links to helpful information for you, to help you prepare to deal with some of the issues your girls will likely face.
    3. Helping Your Overweight Child -- This publication provides information on how to be supportive and help your child lose weight and become healthier and more active.
    4. Eating Disorders -- This online publication written for parents or caregivers explains what the warning signs of eating disorders are and what you should do if you suspect your child may have an eating disorder.
    5. Information and Referrals from the National Eating Disorders Association -- This educates parents about the effects of over-emphasizing physical beauty and body shape with their children. It also lists helpful tips to help you educate your children about eating disorders and teach them to accept all body shapes and sizes, including their own.
    6. Tool Kit for Teen Care: Media and Body Image -- This online publication from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides information on unhealthy body image, warning signs of a teen with an unhealthy body image, and what can be done to improve an adolescent’s own body image. It also includes a list of additional resources.

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