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Soft Drinks: Scapegoat for Kids' Obesity?

Sugary Drinks Aren't the Only Factors, Say Doctors

Industry's Response continued...

However, Dezio says other studies have not shown the same results as those cited in Murray's commentary. "It is not a cut-and-dry thing on the science side," Dezio tells WebMD.

She also says one of the cited studies had an error in consumption figures and that the commentary wrongly says soft drink industry representatives funded other cited research. The industry purchased but did not fund that data, says Dezio.

The ABA "always urges consumers to look at our whole product mix," which also includes bottled waters, teas, fortified juices, and sports beverages, says Dezio. She says the trade group also promotes a balanced lifestyle including "a variety of different foods and beverages, eating them in moderation, and getting daily activity into your life."

Small Changes Can Add Up

There are many paths away from obesity and toward better health. Healthful nutrition and exercise are universally recognized as two such routes.

A drastic, overnight overhaul might not be the only option.Baby steps may make a difference in time. That might include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cutting back on sugary indulgences, and finding sources of comfort or reward that don't involve food.

Small changes can add up, say the doctors. "It is only by making such changes, one at a time if necessary and more if possible, that we are likely to contain a problem of the magnitude of obesity," they write.

Murray is on the speaker's bureau for the National Dairy Council, says the journal.

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