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    Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

    WebMD and Sanford Health are excited to announce our new initiative: FIT.

    FIT is a new platform based on science and research that educates, motivates, and inspires parents and children of all ages to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    FIT for Parents: Acting on What You Know

    As a parent, you recognize that keeping your family healthy takes more than just knowing what to do. You can know all about nutrition and still find it hard to put a healthy dinner on the table. You can know that your whole family needs more exercise, but that doesn't mean you've figured out when to fit it in.

    Sometimes you do pull it all together. You're helping your family eat healthy foods and exercise. But then it all falls apart again.

    Who hasn't experienced a major stumbling block that throws you off course? Your determination may wane whenever your life gets busier. Or guilt about your personal health may make it too stressful to focus on your family's health. Your schedule may get so packed that you are just too tired to stay on a healthy track.

    The FIT Platform Teaches Whole-Life Fitness

    That's why the FIT Platform teaches you not only what you need to know but how to make it easier to do. It's about pulling all the aspects of your life together with the ultimate goal of being healthy and fit. The FIT Platform is based on whole-life fitness and includes four aspects of life that need to be healthy to achieve a FIT lifestyle:

    • FOOD: Nutritional Fitness
    • MOVE: Physical Fitness
    • MOOD: Emotional Fitness
    • RECHARGE: Behavioral Fitness, which includes developing habits around healthy sleep and around healthy ways to relax

    The more you use the content in Raising FIT Kids and apply what you learn to your life, the more you see how each piece of the FIT Platform affects the others. For instance, when you start exercising more, you'll naturally want to eat healthier, too. Exercising also improves your mood.

    These connections between FOOD, MOVE, MOOD, and RECHARGE are the strength of the FIT Platform. As you gain a better understanding of how they are linked, you'll also learn how, when one aspect of your overall fitness is strong, you can build on that positive to boost the others areas of your fitness. And you'll learn how to pay attention to areas where you're weaker so you can prevent a fitness-defying domino effect.


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