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    Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

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    MOVE Every Day to Help You RECHARGE

    Studies have shown that regular physical activity helps reduce fatigue, increase energy, and ease stress and anxiety.

    Plus, want to improve the quality of your shut- eye? Then get out and move your body every day.

    How to Make Moving a Priority

    Use the articles, slideshows, and interactive evaluators in the MOVE section to help you learn how to boost your family's everyday activities.

    The best way to help kids stick with fitness, says Johnson, is to explore different activities until you find what interests them. Children need something they can do and have access to their entire life, she says. Help your child find some kind of a lifetime sport that they can grow with, whether it's bicycling, cross-country skiing, martial arts, swimming, or something else.

    When you are active with your kids, you help them have positive exercise experiences. And kids who have positive experiences with exercise are more likely to be active, healthy adults.


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