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    Frequently Asked Questions About Parkinson's Disease

    7. What Is Guided Imagery?

    Guided imagery is a proven form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony between the mind and body. Guided imagery coaches you in creating calm, peaceful images in your mind -- a "mental escape."

    This technique, which can aid any treatment or procedure, provides a powerful psychological strategy that enhances a person's coping skills. Many people dealing with stress feel loss of control, fear, panic, anxiety, helplessness, and uncertainty. Research has shown that guided imagery can dramatically counteract these effects. It can help people overcome stress, anger, pain, depression, insomnia, and other problems often associated with illnesses and medical/surgical procedures. It is clear that stress and depression can worsen the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. By using guided imagery, you can stay calm.

    8. I Often Have "Freezing" Spells. What Can I Do to Keep Moving?

    If you have trouble with "freezing" in place:

    • Rock from foot to foot to get moving again.
    • Have someone place their foot in front of you, or visualize something you need to step over, to get moving again.

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    Reviewed by Richard Senelick, MD on September 30, 2014
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