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    Prostate cancer treatments vary: From newer techniques like cryotherapy, to surgery, hormone therapy and more. Learn about prostate cancer treatment, and care, here.


    Treatment for prostate cancer may include everything from "watchful waiting" to removal of the entire prostate gland. Get a brief overview of your treatment options here.

    Many men are living with old preconceptions about prostate cancer treatment and its effects on their lives. Separate the myths from the facts with this simple quiz.

    One of the most important factors in deciding how to treat prostate cancer is staging. The size, location, and whether your cancer has spread will help your medical team plan the right treatment. Learn more here.

    Find more information here.

    Learn about the types that are available.

    Learn about the different types of prostate cancer treatments.

    Hormone treatment means removing, blocking, or adding hormones to fight prostate cancer. Learn more about prostate cancer and hormones here.

    Robert Samitz was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer ten years ago. Today innovative treatments like the new combinations of chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer are helping Samitz beat the odds. Find out more.

    The use of any one or combination of cancer-killing drugs, chemotherapy is prescribed in cases of recurrent or advanced prostate cancer that has not responded to hormone treatment. Find out more, including how it's given and the side effects possible.

    Cryotherapy involves freezing areas of the prostate. However its long-term effectiveness is unknown. Learn when this therapy is used, and what its advantages are.

    Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and surgery are treatments for advanced prostate cancer. Learn more about them, and learn about emerging therapies such as vaccines.

    If you're thinking about alternative therapy for prostate cancer, get the facts -- from types of therapy available to talking with your doctor about your choices.

    A lycopene-rich diet appears to lower the risk of prostate cancer. Get a brief overview of the evidence from the American Cancer Society. This link will take you to its web site.

    What's on the horizon for prostate cancer research? Learn why studying genes may lead to a cure for prostate cancer.

    Roy Banks is finding that a once-a-year hormone therapy treatment for his prostate cancer is working to keep the cancer in remission. Discover if this therapy is right for you.


    A simple list of things you can do after prostate cancer treatment to help speed your recovery. Find out more.

    Clinical Trials

    Learn about prostate cancer clinical trials. Then, check out sites chosen by WebMD doctors that offer information and services to help you determine if a clinical trial may be right for you.

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