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    Medical Reference Related to Prostate Cancer

    1. Prostate Cancer: Care After Treatment

      WebMD provides general guidelines to help speed your recovery after prostate cancer surgery.

    2. Prostate Cancer: 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor

      WebMD provides you with 10 important questions to ask your doctor about prostate cancer.

    3. Prostate Cancer: Chemotherapy

      Learn more from WebMD about how chemotherapy, any one or combination of cancer-killing drugs, helps fight prostate cancer.

    4. Prostate Cancer: Alternative Treatment

      Want to learn more about alternative treatments for prostate cancer? WebMD leads you to important information.

    5. Prostate Cancer: Cystoscopy or Bladder Scope Test

      Learn more from WebMD about cystoscopy, a bladder scope test used to check for diseases of the bladder and urethra, including how it's performed and its risks.

    6. Prostate Cancer Grading

      WebMD explains the system by which prostate cancer is graded, or evaluated for its level of seriousness.

    7. Pain Control Record Chart

      Using this pain scale from WebMD to measure your feeling of pain.

    8. Advanced Prostate Cancer: Caring for Your Bones

      WebMD explains how advanced prostate cancer patients can help treat bone pain and other problems related to cancer that has spread to the bones.

    9. Advanced Prostate Cancer and Caregiving

      Caregiving is no easy task. Here are suggestions from WebMD for the caregivers of men with advanced prostate cancer.

    10. Common Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer

      WebMD explains the common treatments of advanced prostate cancer, along with the typical sequence of treatments.

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