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  1. New Warning for Depo-Provera Users.

    Nov. 18, 2004 -- The FDA is adding a "black box" warning to Depo-Provera stating that prolonged use of the injectable contraceptive may result in the loss of bone density. The black box warning is the strongest warning the FDA issues on drugs. Loss of bone density weakens the bones and increases the

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  2. Government Issues New RU-486 Warnings

    Nov. 16, 2004 -- The FDA has strengthened warning labels for the controversial abortion pill Mifeprex, better known as RU-486, following an August report of a 22-year-old woman who died after taking the drug. The agency released new alerts warning doctors and patients of a risk of severe bacterial i

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  3. Misconception: Oral Sex Can't Spread Syphilis

    Oct. 21, 2004 -- People falsely believe that unprotected oral sex is safe, according to a new study. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows that a substantial proportion of syphilis cases occurred through unprotected oral sex. The CDC recommends that people should use condoms du

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  4. Unhappy Marriage Reflects Spouse's Depression

    Oct. 11, 2004 -- When one spouse suffers from depression, both will have an unhappy marriage, new research shows. There is a growing body of research indicating that mental health and unhappy marriages are closely entwined, writes lead researcher Mark A. Whisman, PhD, with the University of Colorado

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  5. Breast Chemical: Sexual Desire Secret?

    Oct. 8, 2004 -- Breastfeeding mothers and their babies produce a chemical that can boost other women's sexual desire, new research shows. It's a natural phenomenon found in animals -- the production of chemicals called pheromones that regulate all sorts of reproductive behaviors and processes in oth

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  6. Sex Toys More Common in Women in Relationships

    Oct. 7, 2004 - Nearly half of adult women currently use sex toys or have tried them in the past, research shows. And women in relationships are even more likely to use them. The report comes from Chicago's Berman Center. Directed by sex therapist Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD, the center focuses on women'

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  7. Moving In: Rarely a Trial Marriage Anymore

    July 29, 2004 -- The decision to "move in" rarely implies marriage anymore. Couples rarely mention matrimony before getting keys copied, new research suggests. "Changing ... attitudes toward premarital sex, childbearing, and marriage have helped this shift along," writes Sharon Sassler, PhD, a socio

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  8. Movies Make Hormones Surge or Fade

    July 23, 2004 -- Romantic movies really are better for setting the mood for love than violent movies, psychologists report. Why? It comes down to hormones, says Oliver C. Schultheiss, PhD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Scenes from a romantic movie -- Bridges of Madison County -- boost

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  9. Sex Better Than Money for Happiness

    July 16, 2004 -- Good news for folks whose bedrooms have more activity than their bank accounts: New research shows that sex is better for your happiness than money. That's not to say that being financially poor but sexually active is the secret to a happy life. But despite common theory, more money

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  10. Lawmakers Back Contraception Bill

    July 14, 2004 -- The House of Representatives approved a move Thursday night that could smooth the way to over-the-counter use of emergency contraceptives like Plan B. Lawmakers unanimously passed a measure barring the FDA from keeping any contraceptive off the over-the-counter market once the agenc

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