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    1. Chlamydia in Men Linked to Infertility

      April 29, 2004 -- Chlamydia infection in women has been linked to infertility, and now new research shows the same may be true for men. Couples participating in a Swedish study were one-third less likely to achieve a pregnancy if the man had a history of infection with chlamydia. Infertile couples i

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    2. Few Realize Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk

      April 6, 2004 -- Many Americans say they protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) but few actually use protection on a regular basis. In fact, few even know that hepatitis A and hepatitis B are sexually transmitted, or that they are at risk. A nationwide survey -- unveiled today

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    3. Chlamydia May Be as Common in Men

      March 8, 2004 (Philadelphia) -- Defying previous research -- and popular belief -- that chlamydia affects women far more often, a new study indicates that America's most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease occurs nearly as frequently in men. Chlamydia was found in 9% of 1,300 men between a

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    4. Herpes Down; Other STDs Increasing

      March 8, 2004 (Philadelphia) -- After increasing rates for three consecutive decades, there was a sharp decline in the late 1990s in the number of teenagers and adults who contracted the virus that usually causes genital herpes. But with a new decade comes an upswing in other sexually transmitted di

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    5. Young People Account for Half of New STDs

      Feb. 25, 2004 -- One out of every two new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) diagnosed each year are among young people aged 15-24, according to new research that for the first time estimates the toll STDs have on American youth. Researchers say that although young people between the ages of 15 an

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    6. Many Men Don't Use Condoms

      Jan. 26, 2004 -- Many low-income, straight men don't use condoms for disease prevention, despite knowing the risks, a new study shows. Rather than wear a condom to prevent syphilis, gonorrhea, or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), they would rather take a chance -- and deal with the consequ

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    7. Viagra Improves Sex for Some Women

      Jan. 7, 2004 -- Viagra can do wonders for men. But a new study shows it also improves sex for some postmenopausal women. The findings come from a research team led by sexual-function gurus Jennifer R. Berman, MD, and Laura A. Berman, PhD. The placebo-controlled study, funded by Viagra maker Pfizer I

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    8. Internet Use Sparks Syphilis Outbreak

      Dec. 18, 2003 --The Internet is a popular venue for men looking for other men to have sex. But this potentially dangerous practice also appears to be an effective way for a syphilis outbreak to spread quickly, a new study shows. CDC researchers noticed that by 2002 San Francisco had the highest rate

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    9. Young Women Underestimate STD Risk

      Aug. 1, 2003 - Many young women are having unprotected sex -- yet they don't realize how risky it is. In fact, these young women underestimate their risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), a new study shows. Binge drinking makes it more likely they will have sex -- minus a condom

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    10. Testosterone Increases Libido in Women

      June 26, 2003 -- It's looking more and more like the male hormone testosterone may do for women what Viagra did for men. A newly released study offers some of the best medical evidence yet that the hormone really can help many postmenopausal women with sexual desire problems get in the mood. Investi

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