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Stress Reduction to Keep Psoriasis Flares Under Control

Stress triggers psoriasis or makes it worse in some people. Although stress reduction is unlikely to replace medicines, it can help drugs work better as an alternative treatment for psoriasis.

  • Meditation -- focused mindfulness on a thought or phrase -- reduces stress. Limited studies suggest meditation can improve psoriasis, when added to traditional treatments.
  • Yoga has been used as a stress reducer for thousands of years. If yoga helps you relax, it’s worth trying as an alternative treatment for psoriasis.
  • Massage is an effective stress reliever. It makes sense to let a massage therapist know ahead of time about your psoriasis, especially if they aren’t experienced with psoriasis.

Remember that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements as closely as medications and doesn't regulate most alternative treatments for psoriasis. It makes sense to be both optimistic and skeptical when it comes to these therapies. If an alternative treatment for psoriasis works for you -- congratulations! You’ve found one more tool to help you live with your condition.

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